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Don’t Let A Bad Date Put You Off!

We have all been there: you have your best outfit on, you’ve gone all out with your make up and hair, to come home crying because your date was utterly awful. At the time, it does feel like the world is against you and that you will never find love again but never fear, things will turn around and they do!

Let's set the scene: your on a date in London with a guy who you thought was the...

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Top Ten Ideas for Low-Cost Date Ideas

You’ve got the hang of this online dating lark, but your budget can’t keep up with all these dates. As lovely as it would be to take your date to the cinema or out for a meal the cost soon adds up. We have put together out top ten ideas for dating ideas which are thoughtful and romantic, but don’t cost the earth.

1. Picnic in the Park A romantic wonder in a beautiful park, feed the...

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5 Things To Not Get Hung Up About Whilst Dating

Dating can indeed seem like a mind field, full of the un-known. You are trying to keep on top of your profile, messages even ideas for what to wear on dates! Well, here at Datingtoday, we want to give you 6 things that you need to stop worrying about right now before you even think about going on that next date!

"I’m only on one dating site, maybe I should sign up to more?" Just...

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Things To Say When You’re Just Not That Into Them

You've had that first date and have had the odd message back and fourth but you just don't feel that chemistry you were hoping for, so what now? Well, the only decent thing to do is to politely end it and not leave them in the lurch. But what should you say? Don't worry, help is to hand and we have some simple sentences that can save you!

“It was lovely to meet you but to be honest, I’m...

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Why Should I Make The First Move Online?

You've signed up and have written a wonderful dating profile and you wait and wait. What are you waiting for exactly? Prince charming? I'm afraid ladies, somethings in life you need to go out and get and this can also be said for dating. You won’t find the man of your dreams just by sitting staring at profiles for hours on end! Here at Datingtoday, we explain why you need to pluck up the...

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Going Dutch...Should You Split The Bill Or Should He Pay?

After appearing on Channel 4’s First Dates back in April 2015 Sam Reece has allegedly received death threats from some views after asking his date to split the bill. Apparently this act was considered a form of bad manners punishable by death! But, in an age of equal rights and women actively taking the lead in initiating romantic encounters, is the expectation that a man should pay out dated...

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How Can Mindfulness Help With Dating?

Mindfulness is becoming very popular and it’s about time! Nowadays, everything seems to go at a hundred miles an hour and we are consumed with what everyone thinks of us thanks to social media. Some of us even feel pressured to find ‘the one’, get married and have babies. We all just need to slow down and take some deep breaths. Try it now. Better? Good. So, how can Mindfulness help when it...

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5 Tips On How To Keep Your Cool Whilst Online Dating

Online dating can indeed be a very daunting process but it doesn't have to be. All you need to do is follow our 5 simple tips and take some deep breathes!

1. Keep Calm, It’s Only Dating! You are not trying to become the next prime minister! You have every right to do things at your pace and when you are ready. If the person you have been chatting to for awhile doesn’t come up trumps:...

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5 Signs They Are Worth Taking The Time To Get To Know Better

You have a great dating profile and have already been started to get messages from desirable men/women but, who is worth pursuing? How can you spot the rose between the thorns? Here are 5 signs that they are worth your time getting to know better..

1. They Don’t Use Chat Up Lines Yes, people still think it's acceptable to start a conversation using a cheesy chat up line. These only...

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Tips On Filling Those Awkward Pauses

You've chatted online and now it's the first date. You already have first date nerves to contend with and now....there's awkward pauses, and quite a few but don't despair! Here are some handy tips to help fill those pesky pauses!

Try And Calm The Nerves If this means chatting to a good friend or your mother before you head out on your date then so be it. The likely hood is, is that the...

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