Tips On Filling Those Awkward Pauses

You've chatted online and now it's the first date. You already have first date nerves to contend with and now....there's awkward pauses, and quite a few but don't despair! Here are some handy tips to help fill those pesky pauses!

Try And Calm The Nerves
If this means chatting to a good friend or your mother before you head out on your date then so be it. The likely hood is, is that the more relaxed you are, the less pauses there will be.

Prepare In Advance Still worried?
Then why not give yourself a mental list of all the things you can talk about. It can be anything from the news you saw last night to what movies you fancy seeing at the cinema. This could then lead to a conversation about the next date. Win!

Keep Calm, Don't Panic
Things may just go quiet and that's no ones fault but if this happens, make use of them. Head to the bar or freshen up, gather your thoughts and head back and think about what fun things you can chat about next. The main thing is, is to not force anything. Start a conversation and see what happens and go with