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Why should I be dating this Bank Holiday Weekend?

Spring is the perfect time for dating: people are spring cleaning their houses, going on detoxes and starting to think about getting a grip with their love life. Have you had a bit of a lull this winter and struggled to drag yourself off your sofa and away from TOWIE? Well get up, turn the TV off and blow those nasty winter cobwebs away and get yourself dating this Easter Weekend with these 5...

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Why Having Different Hobbies Doesn’t Matter When You're Dating

We are all different and that’s what makes us unique. If we all loved the same things and looked the same, this world would indeed be a rather boring place! When you start dating, one thought that may go through your head is 'what if they don’t like my hobbies or think I'm weird?' Stop this thought right now and re-read the beginning of this blog post. You are unique, special and your hobbies...

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Top 14 Sexy Songs for ‘That’ Playlist This Valentines Day

Whether it’s the first, second or third date, tonight’s the night you’re going to get your ‘sexy’ on and what with it being Valentine’s weekend, you are probably feeling even more sexier than normal! And what better way to set the mood then with a hot playlist of sexy, sultry songs. Here’s our our top 14 songs to get you started 1. “Let’s Get It On’ –Marvin Gaye If the first few notes of this...

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Find love this snow day!

So, you look outside your window and you are completely snowed in. There is now way you are able to even set foot outside your front door and there is only so much Netflix you can watch. You are also very aware that Valentines Day is around the corner and you are wondering what you can do to get yourself out of these snow day blues. Well, DatingToday can help! What better way to use your snow...

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Top 10 David Bowie Songs That You Can Relate To When Online Dating

Waking up to the sad news of the passing of David Bowie was truly upsetting and not just for his fans or fellow singers. It seems that everyone has gone into mourning over losing this truly great icon. Not just a talented singer, but also an incredible actor, known for his movies such as Labyrinth and Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, he really did touch the hearts of thousands of people. Here at...

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Does Having Different Jobs Effect Dating?

Ok, so you’re a typical 9-5 receptionist but the guy you are dating is a nightclub bouncer and you start to think, ‘how is this even going to work?’ To be 100% frank with you, it will only work if you want it to work. We all know dating and relationships are about give and take and sometimes this can be a hard pill to swallow, but here at, we have some simple tips to help you...

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Help! What do I get the person I have just started dating for Christmas?

First of all, calm down, we can sort this out!

Whether you have been dating them for 3 months or 6, Dating Today have some great tips for that perfect gift for your date, even if you are still figuring out what things they truly love.

We’ve just hooked up You’ve only had 3 or 4 dates and you want to see if it will go any further. A simple card with maybe a bar of chocolate or a...

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Date Like A Celebrity

Whilst many celebrity couples began their romantic journey in surprisingly down to earth ways, some cannot resist splashing the cash.

Prince William and Kate’s first date was at a pub near their university which apparently ended with Kate falling over when she tried to make a joke and curtsey to his HRH. Demi Moore was treated to a burger by her then love interest Ashton Kutcher and...

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How Being Grateful Can Improve Your Dating Journey

Nowadays, we get so caught up in what we want that we forget to be thankful and grateful for what we have and not just every day life, but our love life too. How many times have you gone on a date and instantly thought ͚'well this is rubbish' and start to find every negative thing about them or the date in general. Well, if you follow these simple rules of gratitude, you will find your dating...

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The 5 Worst Chat Up Lines You Need To Steer Clear From

What is it with horrendous chat up lines? I guess you have to commend the guy for giving it a try but they just do not work! From “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” to “hey, you look really fun - I had to come talk to you” we have really heard them all but here is our top 5 to completely steer clear from..

1.“Is that a lighter in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?”...

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