Why Having Different Hobbies Doesn’t Matter When You're Dating

We are all different and that’s what makes us unique. If we all loved the same things and looked the same, this world would indeed be a rather boring place! When you start dating, one thought that may go through your head is 'what if they don’t like my hobbies or think I'm weird?' Stop this thought right now and re-read the beginning of this blog post. You are unique, special and your hobbies are part of this package that help define you as a person. So, why doesn’t it matter?

It Creates A Talking Point
You're on a date and you have already briefly spoken about what things you enjoy doing but now you delve even further into that conversation. We all love talking about ourselves so talking about our hobbies should be just as fun. If they have never been jogging in their lives before, you could indeed be the one to help them experience this for the first time. How great is that?

You Can Both Still Do Things Independently
Dating can sometimes feel pretty intense so what better way to get your head straight by getting absorbed in your hobby, whether it be horse riding, swimming or just reading, make sure you are always taking time for yourself.

Doing Something For The First Time
As briefly mentioned before, you may not have had anything to do with your dates hobby before you met them and you may fancy a go. Of course, you may not if it involves jumping from an airplane but try and take an active interest as much as you can.

Your Spending Time Together
Whether it's been 2 months or or a year at the end of the day, if you are taking an active interest in their hobby, whether it be going to a rock concert or watching a football match you are spending time together and that's really the bigger picture!