Help! What do I get the person I have just started dating for Christmas?

First of all, calm down, we can sort this out!

Whether you have been dating them for 3 months or 6, Dating Today have some great tips for that perfect gift for your date, even if you are still figuring out what things they truly love.

We’ve just hooked up
You’ve only had 3 or 4 dates and you want to see if it will go any further. A simple card with maybe a bar of chocolate or a bottle of something at this stage would seem appropriate. If you go too over board, you may come across as being a bit too keen!

We’re just dating
So you have been dating around 3 months and things are starting to feel good. Again, you don’t want to seem too keen but at the same time you want to let them know you care. At this stage, if they have mentioned a DVD that they really wanted or a jumper then that’s perfect. Something thoughtful but not too expensive should do the trick.

Things are getting serious
You really like this person and you want to prove that to them, and that you have listened to those conversations about what you both enjoy. This is what is normally known as the honeymoon period so you can afford to go overboard a little more if you want to without appearing too keen!

‘In A Realtionship’ on Facebook
It’s 100% official. It’s on Facebook and everything! You should know each other pretty well by now and know the ins and outs of what you both would like. Instead of lots of little gifts, why not treat them to the thing that they want the most or something you can both enjoy like a trip away to Iceland or a romantic weekend in Italy? At this stage nothing will seem too over the top because you both love each other and appreciate what you do for each other.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas filled with joy, happiness and love!