Top Ten Ideas for Low-Cost Date Ideas

You’ve got the hang of this online dating lark, but your budget can’t keep up with all these dates. As lovely as it would be to take your date to the cinema or out for a meal the cost soon adds up. We have put together out top ten ideas for dating ideas which are thoughtful and romantic, but don’t cost the earth.

1. Picnic in the Park
A romantic wonder in a beautiful park, feed the ducks, swing on the swings and then curl up on a blanket and enjoy a picnic together. A picnic doesn’t have to cost the earth. An afternoon tea with strawberries, scones and sandwiches would be the perfect way to spoil your date but not your bank balance. If you wanted to splash out, a bottle of fizz or pimms would be perfect. If you are within a reasonable distance, a trip to the beach works just as well.

2. An Insight Into Your Hobbies
Do you have an unusual or interesting hobby? Are you a bit of a whizz with a table tennis bat, or do you like a bit of photography? Give your date an insight into your world by sharing your hobby with them. Not only will you know you will have a good time, they will be touched by your openness to share.

3.Local Events
Get online and do some searching, keep an eye out for posters in supermarkets and local stores. There is always a local community event going on which is free, or very cheap to enter. Go to a local car boot sale and challenge each other to buy the most cheesy item for each other, or go to a local fun day and show off your skills with on a coconut shy!

4. Grab Some Culture
Most towns and cities have free entry museums and art galleries. Impress your date with how cultured you are with by checking out some of the artwork and attractions online before you go. If the thought of a museum makes you want to fall asleep, chose a family friendly place as they often have activities designed for the child in you!

5. Get baking!
Get the ingredients together and aprons on and have fun baking a cake together. Even if you are a complete novice, the end result will at least get you laughing and at best give you an enjoyable treat to share!

6. Bike Ride
If you don’t have bikes of your own, or ones you can borrow, most towns have bike rental available fairly cheaply. Jump on a bike and take a ride through your nearest woods or canal.

7. Game Night
Some snacks and a couple of board games are the making of a great date night. Get out the monopoly, or even a pack of cards and get playing. Not so good an idea for the more competitive date goer!

8. Outdoor Cinema
There is an increasing trend for local outdoor venues to put on free outdoor cinemas including drive in movies. As an alternative make your own with an ipad or laptop, downloaded movie and plenty of blankets out in the back garden or park

9. Open Mic Night
Open Mic Nights at your local pub or bar is a great, low cost form of entertainment. For the cost of a couple of drinks you can enjoy music, poetry or comedy from local artists. If you are musical yourself you could even serenade your date!

10. DIY Comedy Gig
Laughter is a great recipe for love. Find live comedy on Youtube or dig out some stand-up DVDs and recreate your very own comedy gig in the comfort of your own home.