How Can Mindfulness Help With Dating?

Mindfulness is becoming very popular and it’s about time! Nowadays, everything seems to go at a hundred miles an hour and we are consumed with what everyone thinks of us thanks to social media. Some of us even feel pressured to find ‘the one’, get married and have babies. We all just need to slow down and take some deep breaths. Try it now. Better? Good. So, how can Mindfulness help when it comes to dating...

You Become Calmer
If you are generally an anxious, uptight person, practising Mindfulness by meditating you start to learn to unwind and be more aware of your feelings, thus making you in control of how you feel. So, before that first date, practice some mindfulness and you will sail through it no matter what the outcome is.

It Can Help With Your Sex Life
Yes! Believe it or not, the calmer you are and less effected by stress you are, the better your sex life will be. Stress can be a huge turn off so if you constantly feel like your libido is being compromised by your stress, start practising mindfulness and get your sex life back on track!

You Can Learn To Let Go And Forgive
Still got a grudge against an ex or a date that went sour? Learn to let go! Life is way to short to hold grudges and by accepting what was will make you feel the bigger person and help you move on with your life and love life.

You Appreciate The Small Things
You know that you don't need extravagance in your life to appreciate what someone does for you. Just the fact that your date now knows your favourite drink, and orders you one ready for you for when you arrive is good enough for you! Being mindful helps you to be grateful for what you have in your life and this can easily transcend into your love life.