5 Signs They Are Worth Taking The Time To Get To Know Better

You have a great dating profile and have already been started to get messages from desirable men/women but, who is worth pursuing? How can you spot the rose between the thorns? Here are 5 signs that they are worth your time getting to know better..

1. They Don’t Use Chat Up Lines
Yes, people still think it's acceptable to start a conversation using a cheesy chat up line. These only work in certain circumstances. If they start off the conversation being quite casual and engaging you are indeed on to a winner.

2. They Don’t Ask For Your Number Outright
Nothing screams desperation more then someone asking for your number in the third sentence of the conversation. Stick to your guns and let the conversation flow. If they are worth it, they will wait until you are ready.

3. They Are Willing To Talk On The Phone
So, the conversation is going great and you are communicating for a good few days/weeks, so if you are comfortable, now is the time to hand over those important digits. There is nothing better then actually hearing a persons voice and don’t forget, you can tell a lot by hearing someone's voice.

4. They Don’t Ask For Explicit Images!
What ever happened to doing things the traditional way? Messaging, chatting, phone calls. Now, there seems to be a need to see what you look like naked before you have even met them face to face! If they don’t ask, then they are a keeper. What ever happened to using your imagination?!

5. They Take An Interest In Your Hobbies
You may not have the same interests but if they are open to discussing what you enjoy doing in life, then this is great! Of course if you both really have nothing in common hobby wise, you my struggle for things to do together but if they are willing to have a go, then this is a bonus. Datingtoday.com is your first stop for dating advice.