Why Should I Make The First Move Online?

You've signed up and have written a wonderful dating profile and you wait and wait. What are you waiting for exactly? Prince charming? I'm afraid ladies, somethings in life you need to go out and get and this can also be said for dating. You won’t find the man of your dreams just by sitting staring at profiles for hours on end! Here at Datingtoday, we explain why you need to pluck up the courage and make that all important first step...

Some Men Lack Confidence
It may come as a surprise for you to learn that some men, while may seem confident in photos, actually feel very self conscious making the first move. Test the waters and if you like the look of him, send him a brief and casual ice-breaker and take it from there.

Men Like Confident Women
Some men love woman who can just take control and who knows her own mind. If she has the courage to message you first and start the conversation, he will find it refreshing!

Shows You Are Serious About Dating
Making the first move instantly shows that you want more then just a couple of booty calls and that you are looking for commitment. Things have indeed changed and developed over the last few years when it comes to dating so ladies, embrace the power and just do it! After all, if you don't, you will never know what would of happened!