5 Things To Not Get Hung Up About Whilst Dating

Dating can indeed seem like a mind field, full of the un-known. You are trying to keep on top of your profile, messages even ideas for what to wear on dates! Well, here at Datingtoday, we want to give you 6 things that you need to stop worrying about right now before you even think about going on that next date!

"I’m only on one dating site, maybe I should sign up to more?"
Just because everyone is on Twitter, does this mean you need to be? No! You have Facebook and you are totally happy about that because you are still keeping up to date with everything that’s going on and that’s the same with dating sites. At Datingtoday, you will always be updated of what’s going on so there is no need sign up to anymore.

"Maybe I need to dye my hair/change my wardrobe/change my perfume?"
Who says you should change who you really are to try and please someone? They contacted you knowing what you are going to look like, what your hobbies are (if you have told the truth!) so don’t try to be someone your are not.

"What if they hate my laugh? Pick up on my habits?"
Again, this is just you being you! If they don’t like it then they are not the one for you. Next!

"What if they just want a booty call?"
This is totally at your discretion and you may not know that until after the first date but you can usually gage after a few conversations what their intentions are. If you are down for that, then that’s great but if it’s just not you, polity say ‘I’m just not up for this’ and don’t worry, chances are they will likely just move on and you can do the same.

"I’m never going to find anyone!"
How do you know that? Do you have a crystal ball? No! You just have to go with it and one day it will just click with someone and you will wonder what all the worrying was for!