Don’t Let A Bad Date Put You Off!

We have all been there: you have your best outfit on, you’ve gone all out with your make up and hair, to come home crying because your date was utterly awful. At the time, it does feel like the world is against you and that you will never find love again but never fear, things will turn around and they do!

Let's set the scene: your on a date in London with a guy who you thought was the bees knees on paper; Spanish looking, works out and has a really good job but in reality he is roughly around 5 foot 3 (the same height as you, a definite no no) not very built and really awful teeth. A huge turn off! Off you wonder around Regents Park on a gloriously sunny day when you suggest you go and grab a coffee. ‘I don’t do coffee chains, they really annoy me’. ‘Right, well there goes that plan’ you say to yourself. Instead you just wonder and chat some more about nothing in particular when he starts to get closer to you. How this guy can't tell you are not interested is beyond you but he kept persevering, bless him! It came towards the end of the date and you both head for the tube. You're hoping to make a lucky escape here but no, he is getting the same tube as you. Fantastic! He insists you sit together so you go along with it and as you get off to go towards your next (separate) tubes, you go to give him a friendly hug when he locks his lips onto yours. Not awkward, at all! At this point you want to run for the hills! You know you don't want to see this guy again so you send him a courteous message saying I had a wonderful time (lie) and have a good evening. He says the same back and you think that would be it. Oh how wrong were you! The next day you receive about 10 messages from this guy, all saying ‘hi, how are you? Can I see you again?. You really thought he would of got the picture the first time round but clearly not! This time you say I think we are better off as friends. The response you get back completely shocks you. Instead of being a gentleman, he comes full pelt at you with ‘Well, I’m too good for you anyway, you are a waste of time.’ Can you believe it?!

This was just one bad date. That’s all! They will not all be like this and eventually you will find that special someone that has made all those bad ones worth it. Always learn from your bad experiences and always remain positive!