Ladies, Here's 5 Ways To Realistically Deal With A Break Up

Whether you have been dating for 3 months or a year, saying ‘this just isn’t working anymore’ is not easy. What’s the first thing we do when it happens ladies? Run home and hide under the duvet with Mr Ben and Mr Jerry right? Well this is about to stop now. Here at we have tips to help you remain positive and get back in the dating game....

1. Let Yourself Wallow In Self Pity
Yes, you need to let your body and mind express what it’s really feeling and if that means sobbing for a few hours in front of The Notebook, then so be it but, it can’t be for longer then that. After all, life is too short and you have a life to get on with!

2. Do Something That Makes You Feel Good
You’ve spent a day or so feeling sorry for yourself but now it’s time to get out of bed, get rid of the empty ice cream tub and get out there. Whatever you enjoy doing, from reading, walking, movies, just do it and enjoy just being at one with yourself.

3. Spend Some Time With Your Loved Ones
What better way to get over a breakup then spending time with your family and friends? Whether it be a roast dinner or a few cocktails, being surrounded with people who truly love you will 100% boost your mood and make you feel totally loved!

4. Get Back Into The Dating Game...
....but only when you feel ready! When you are ready to get ‘back in the saddle’ go in with a positive attitude and don’t compare them to your last date. This person is completely new and has new qualities to explore. Again, if you just aren’t feeling it, take a rain check and start again when you want to. Simple!

5.Remember It Will Get Easier
It may not seem like it in the beginning, but things will and do get better. They just weren’t the right one for you and the right one is ready and waiting when you are.