5 Things Not To Mention On Your Online Dating Profile

Of course we want you to be honest and open, but there are some barriers you really don’t need to cross when it comes to your online dating profile and here's 5 things you should totally avoid putting on there....

1. Your entire family tree
The whole point of dating is to get to know someone: their likes, dislikes and about their family. If you have it all there ready to see, well, what's the point? We don’t need to know that you have a half sister called Channel who enjoys horse riding, save it for the date!

2. Anything about sex
Being blunt and to the point on your dating profile can sometimes be a great thing. At the end of the day, they will know what they are getting but to say what kind of kinky sex you are into on your dating profile? A huge turn off!

3. Filtered and edited photos
If you have photo shopped your photos so they are barely recognisable, then again, this is a big no if you want to meet them face to face. If you are 5"5 with a touch of acne and black hair, don't edit your photos so you appear to be 5"10 with flawless skin and blonde highlights. Just be you, they will appreciate it a lot more!

4. List your life in the 'About Me' box
The 'about me' box should be a really positive, chatty paragraph and not just an endless lists of your dislikes and likes. Write it as casual but informal as possible but at the same time keeping it interesting.

5. Cliches and negatives!
You are creating a profile to showcase who you are and again, this should be a positive thing! Don’t list all the things you don't like in a partner. You will sound extremely stand offish and they will wonder whether or not you actually want to date at all!