5 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head Before The First Date

Everything is set: the location, the time, your outfit and all of a sudden, you start to question yourself and these five thoughts go through your head:

1.“Will I be able to understand them?”
Ok, so when you have been messaging and talking on the phone, it's all been fine but meeting them face to face, will you be able to understand their accent or the way they speak? It's surprising how hung up you can get on this but just listen as intently as you can and ask them to repeat themselves if needs be.

2. “What happens if there is no chemistry?"
If after an hour or so into the date you really aren’t feeling any chemistry but you are getting along with them, then why not just stay and enjoy the rest of the night? You can leave as friends and you will have had a great night so don't panic!

3. “Maybe I should of worn the other jumper/dress...”
It may not come as a surprise but yes, it does matter what you wear because after all, you only have once to make a first impression. Wear something that you feel comfortable in (and no, this doesn’t mean your joggers!) but that you love wearing and you feel you look good in. Also makes sure that it fits properly!

4. “I think my breath smells”
Well, this goes without saying! If in doubt, give your teeth a quick scrub or rinse with some mouthwash before heading out the door.

5. “Will they look like their profile picture?”
This is a risk you have to take. As long as you have been honest with them then there is no reason why you shouldn’t trust that they don't look like their picture. Just try not to get your hopes up too much until you have met them face to face.